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Your life as a new mom will be happier if you simply learn how to breastfeed & relieve gas in your Newborn’s tummy.

Transform your mothering life into one happy & calm journey. Nurture your baby to a happy & calm child.

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We know… we’ve been there. Motherhood is a whole load of thing. Especially if you are breastfeeding, we can only imagine the exhaustion and stress you are facing now as a mother. It is all so overwhelming.

While every new mother’s goal is to be able to breastfeed, nurse & bond with their babies, the reality that we live in is so much harsher & further from this dream.

By now, with all the challenges you are facing in your breastfeeding journey, you must be thinking if something is wrong with you or if you have done anything incorrectly. To top it up, the constant struggle with your baby during nursing or his inconsolable crying, not only makes it hard for you to be a happy mother, it’s made you emotionally & mentally drain.

We want to assure you, that you are very normal. For the fact that you are here, tell us that you desire to transform to be a confident mom who knows how to make your baby comfortable, and be successful in breastfeeding. And the good news is, we can help you and we are here to support you.

In this 2-day crash course, you will learn some of the secrets of how you can be successful & stress-free in breastfeeding and how you can be that pillar of comfort to nurse your baby. Successful mothering is an art that needs to be taught and learnt.

Here with you,
Esther Y & Claryn

[Day 1]

Breastfeeding Crash Course

(What you need to know to get you started)

Date: 23/10/21

Time: 2pm to 4pm on Zoom

  • Learn how your breast milk impacts your baby
  • The Regulated Mom – Identify the troubles of oversupply & low supply mommies. Learn the art of self-regulating your milk supply for your baby’s needs.
  • The Midnight Pump Routine (that no one told you about) - You will learn how you can sneak a little more ZZZs and still maintain your supply.

[Day 2]

Baby Massage Crash Course

(What you need to know to get your baby going)

Date: 24/10/21

Time: 2pm to 4pm on Zoom

  • Baby Talk – Understanding why your baby is crying. Deepen that bond & learn to support your baby’s development.
  • Importance of using natural methods
  • Hands-On Massage Techniques – Learn the lifelong pain relief strokes to relieve 4 major annoyances in your little one’s tummy. Say goodbye to colic, gassy tum tums, constipation, tummy discomfort
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How happy and fulfilled are you as a new mother? Do you want me to teach you how you can have that breastfeeding schedule that can possibly make you feel like you can breathe better as a nursing mother? Do you want to know how you can massage your baby to calmness & know that you can be a mother who can take charge?

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