The first baking recipe books for toddlers, 18 months and above. This fun and eye-catching pictorial recipe book includes the recipe, ingredients needed, baking process, and most importantly, tips on how to bake with your little toddler.

You're not alone if you are...

  • Tired of your restless child throwing temper tantrums and refusing to listen to you
  • Worried that your child is hooked onto electronics, Youtube or TV shows
  • Unsure how to creatively encourage your little one to expand their vocabulary

A Toddler Bakebook Series


Not your average recipe books. Using baking to foster trust and bonding with your child while empowering you to help your child develop strong listening skills, to learn to be hands-on and independent.

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Here's what you'll learn in Big & Lil' Chef Books!

Building the foundations of self-confidence in young children through active listening and completing simple tasks. In addition, putting into practise patience and trust in their parents.

Recipes are designed to be simple, yet fun and best of all, delicious! Each pictorial bake book for the child comes with an accompanying step by step, parent's recipe guide with options for parents to guide the child along, based on each child's abilities.

Understanding the techniques of good communication by effectively guiding your little ones to achieve simple goals through clear instructions and creating the right fun & creative set ups for your little ones to flourish.

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Esther Yap, created Big & Lil' Chef with her firstborn in mind. It was not an easy feat being a first-time mom. It was a joyful journey but also one that is full of trials and errors.

"I vividly remembered how perplexed and lost I was after he turned 1 year old. Suddenly, we don’t quite understand our little angel anymore and did not know how to respond to his temper tantrums.

I admit that I was struggling. And that was when I realised the importance of how my toddler requires the right toys and activities to play with. And the playing should seek to promote development and strong listening skills and patience."

Author of Parenting Blog, "Mommyclucker".

Creator of Podcast "The Parent Thing" where experts and personalities share their insights.

The Creator & Author of the toddler bakebook series "Big & Lil' Chef".

Most importantly, a mommy of 3 beautiful children.

I know those concerns. “It is any other pictorial children’s book.” This is NOT your typical picture book from the bookstores. They’re well-designed, step-by-step child friendly recipes books for you and your child to learn and to follow through baking processes.
“I am not a baker”. I personally am neither a baker nor a great cook. I had nearly burnt my house down with a microwave, twice. That’s why, with the help of expert bakers, we curated simple bake processes & recipes to assist the parent and child through the entire bake process.
“My child might be too young to bake!” I know what you mean. Messing up the kitchen is a very strong deterrent. You will be surprised how your child will be willing to follow instructions to participate in a unique activity. Simply follow the Big Chef’s guides.
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The Importance Of Interactive Playtime
With Your Children

According to studies, young children pick up bad habits as young as 7 months old. Temper tantrums could be one of those bad habits. While you may be baffled by how & why your angelic child suddenly throws temper tantrums at toddler age, you may reduce or even try to eradicate it by doing constructive activities together at home, building trust, patience and listening skills.

Many parents have no idea that boredom & lack of suitable activities for their little ones might ignite their great fury. Over time, temper tantrums will become a bad habit that could potentially escalate as their children grow older, unless the parents learn how to create the right environment and give the right instructions.

You will potentially see a significant change in yourself and your child as you engage in the Big & Lil' Chef baking processes. Your little ones will bring their colourful recipes to life; while you will have a systematic guide, which makes baking simple and guiding your child a smoother and sweeter process. Most importantly, trust can be forged and children who have good listening skills are more patient and less prone to temper tantrums!

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What's in it for you and your child?


Big & Lil' Chef Book Set (Includes 4 Baking Recipes) ​

Complimentary Apron Set (Adult Size: 65x75cm, Kid Size: 40x50cm) ​

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“It is a good parent-child bonding activity book. The cartoons are cute and relatable and the child can learn words along the way…”

Cheryl Lim, Executive

People might not take toddlers seriously. They might think that they are too young, too naive and that list, filled with incompetency goes on. The truth is, every child is filled with wonder and brilliance in their own right. Their leap of growth is so significant that they can be so versatile and fast in their learning.

I was searching for a recipe book for my son and almost all the books catered for children 5 years old and above. The books are often wordy and the recipes are long and boring for a toddler. I created the books knowing that I could make a difference. I trust our little toddlers. They are quick-thinking and they deserve to be nurtured to develop to their fullest potential.

1. To be given the right toys and during activities, tool to play with.

2. Given the right amount and type of activities. They do have short attention spans.

3. Learn and practise strong listening skills and patience.

Big & Lil’ Chef is here, to change mindsets and unleash the full potential of your children!

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