The Pain Of Breastfeeding & How To Manage It

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This is for you... only if...

  • You are a Mom To-Be and you have no idea on the challenges of breastfeeding
  • You are a First-Time Momma and you are exhausted & struggling with breastfeeding.
  • You are have low milk supply & you are stressed out
  • You are doing your best but you are engorged all the time.

It is every momma's dream to breastfeed. Breastfeeding can be rewarding but at the same time very challenging. It is mostly far more challenging than giving birth. You will be faced with many struggles & exhaustion. 

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We all start out wanting to be that good parent. And it is only a matter of being empowered with the right knowledge.

Get a Jumpstart on Parenting classes! Understand Breastfeeding as it will be a huge part of your mothering journey!

Statistics have shown that most new mothers dropped out of breastfeeding in the first 2 months of breastfeeding because of the constant struggles and hurdles which challenges a mom mentally & emotionally & physically.  


Here's What We Will Talk About

The ABC's Of Breastfeeding

Learn the basics of breastfeeding. The different types of breastmilk you produce, and the different ways to remove milk effectively from your breasts.

Three Common Pain In Your Breasts

Learn the Top 3 common problems breastfeeding moms face with their breasts and how to manage it!

The 'Perfect' Milk Supply

Whether it is low supply or over-supply, these are frustrations anyone will face. Learn to regulate your moods & supply. 


3 Simple Survival Essentials For An Easy & Fulfilling Breastfeeding Journey

Learn how to be a happy mommy with happy breasts, and have a happy baby with happy tummy! 


Esther Y.

A mother of three children & a breastfeeding momma, she knows exactly the struggle every mom faces.

She is also a known Podcast host, Author & Creator of Big & Lil' Chef, an interactive parent-toddler bake book series.

She has a passion for helping first-time parents learn to work together to prepare for parenthood & baby care. As a result, she founded Bump, Birth & Beyond, Singapore's 1st fully online Antenatal Parent Preparation Course, which was featured under popular parenting portal Sassymama SG.

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